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BMW N55 T4 Twin Scroll Top Mount Hot Parts Deposit

DEPOSIT OF $400 Required to begin fabrication please allow 7-10 business days to complete





N54/N55 T4 Twin scroll stainless steel manifold

(2) 38mm wastegates
1pc 3" V-band downpipe with v-band
2pc Open Dump Tubes
1Pc Blanket Turbo Blanket
2Pc Block Fitting Coolant Drain Plugs Front and Rear
1Pc Block Fitting Oil Feed Adapter to 1/8” NPT
1Pc Block Fitting Oil Drain Freeze plug for Rear drain
1Pc Vband 3” Vband Clamp for Downpipe
1Pc Turbo Drain line
16pc Head Flange bolts
4PcM10 X 1.5 X 20T4 Turbo Flange Bolts